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Friday, July 22, 2011

I shot myself in the WHAT??

A three pound organ that incidentally does not accept bullets as graciously as I had hoped, the brain is part and parcel the most fascinating and intricate  combination of 100 billion neurons yet
neurons are the electrical building blocks of the brain, though they curiously comprise only 10% of brain's matter;  the rest are made of the award-winning glia, long thought to be mere scullery wenches and house servants but now recent research, as Douglas Fields has written about extensively.
Fields has postulated that there is even more research  in terms of new therapies for the brain, especially  brains ravaged by injury and diseases.


  1. Your brain is better than most.........

    And I know you to be an honest person.

    Hey, would you consider running for President?

    1. My heart and soul belong to Goodwill, currently, as they donate $.92 out of every dollar to folks who have varying disabilities.
      Great to see you, in the cyber world, at least.

    2. Incidentally, my next blog will be about returning to work after 13 years post brain injury.